IBM Club Brownlee 3/19/16 Boater Draw Results

Brownlee 3/19/16 Club Tournament  
Boater-Nonboater Draw Results
Boater1 Willy Tompkins Nonboater1 Daniel Ivers
Boater2 Jody Wise Nonboater2 Sean Garren
Boater3 Tarry Gibson Nonboater3 Tennison Tripple
Boater4 Travis McFate Nonboater4  
Boater5 Zach Barnes Nonboater5  

IBM OPEN Update!!

The 2016 IBM OPEN entry fee has been reduced to $310 to increase participation among anglers from local clubs.


Teams that have already submitted payment will be reimbursed the difference.  Teams that paid before March 11 should contact Tarry Gibson (208-899-7404 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to verify receipt of completed entry.


Tournament Applications in Club Downloads - Docs now includes the new application form.


IBM 2016 Tournament Schedule

IBM Tournament Schedule 2016

March 19                   Brownlee, Woodhead

March 26       IBM OPEN, Brownlee, Woodhead

April 9                         CJ Strike, Black Sands

May 14                       Owyhee, Indian Creek

June 25                     Anderson Ranch, Curlew

July 30                       Cascade, Sugarloaf

August                       No tournament

September 17           CJ Strike, Black Sands

October 15                 Brownlee, Spring Camp

November 5  SNOW BOWL, CJ Strike, Black Sands