Club Docs updated

Club member points have been updated and started for the year.  Also, meeting notes have been updated, take a look for IBM open assignments and info.  Also, tournament rules, youth rules, by laws have all been posted. 

IBM Open Application now available!

The IBM Open application is now available for download at Club Downloads-Docs.  This is also an Ultimate Angler Qualifier Event.  This year bass fishing youth organizations will benefit from the tournament proceeds!  Spread the word....we are all excited about the 2012 Bass Fishing Tournament Season start! 


2012 IBM Tournament Schedule

Here is the tentative IBM tournament schedule for this year.  We are having technical difficulties getting the tournament page updated but will get that worked out asap once we have finalized dates.  Sorry for the delay in getting this published. 

  • March 24 Brownlee-Woodhead
  • March 31 IBM Open-Brownlee-Woodhead
  • April 28 CJ Strike-Black Sands
  • May 19 Owyhee-Indian Creek
  • June 23/24 Brownlee(Split Tournament)-Spring Creek
  • July-Coffee Can-Location and date TBD
  • August 4-Cascade-Sugarloaf(August 5 is Youth State Championship)
  • August 18-C.A.S.T.(volunteer event)-Black Canyon
  • September 2(Labor Day Weekend)-Dworshak-Dent Acres
  • September 23-Scales of Justice(volunteer event)-CJ Strike
  • October 13-CJ Strike & IBM Tournament of Champions-Black Sands
  • November 3-CJ Strike-Black Sands